From Olympus to Sony. Part 2

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Trevolly wrote:

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when the OP never came back to the first one? what's the point?

Good Evening,

I am the original poster in the original locked thread. I am sorry I never replied back to the thread but with work commitments and a serious illness in the family commenting on this thread took on a lower priority I’m afraid. I did still get some good advice and information out of the thread (although I did feel it got a bit messy and argumentative) but am still undecided. I fully appreciate that the m43 system is great for size and weight with the zoom lenses I have and I find I do not use a lot of prime lenses. What I’m after is trying to get the most quality and DR I can. I understand that the FF lenses will be pricier but I currently try to buy quality on the Olympus camera, always looking at the Pro range of their lenses.

Ill openly admit I’m an amateur. I took up photography for something to do (almost to get me out the house when I’m not working). I really enjoy taking pictures and I’ll admit get a kick out of taking good pictures, it’s nice to get good feedback, even if it is off friends and family (and Instagram, sorry if it’s a swear word on here @trevolly btw!). I’ve found myself getting more and more in to taking photos and if I go out I find myself pretty much always having the camera with me in a messenger bag. It’s this newly found passion that has got me looking at extra lenses and new camera bodies.

There are some pictures below that I have taken (took a lot to post them on here). Some of these are cropped. Most of these were taken with the 40-150mm pro. I just want to get great quality. I don’t take a lot of sport but I wanted to have the ability to take fast bursts as when taking pictures of the insects it helps to get that moment in time when they’re hovering about. The picture of the bee on the yellow flower was caught with Pro capture.

One of the things that blew me away when researching the A7iii and A9 was the autofocus systems. There is a video from Manny Ortiz (Sony Ambassador) and his wife is stepping in and out of heavy shadows and every time the cameras grabbed her face and eye instantly.

I thank everyone for their advice, I’ve spent a lot of tonight going through the locked post. I understand there will be “fanboys” of both systems (for want of a better phrase) and appreciate there are people on this forum that know sooooo much about the systems and photography in general, so thank you all for your time.

All of these are excellent shots, and I think you would do well with any system. Usually it's the "user" that limits the system, but that doesn't appear to be the case here. If you're taking great shots like these with m4/3, I'd say you'd do just as well with FF. Go with whatever system has the features and lenses you are most interested in!

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