Which printer after my Epson R1900?

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Which printer after my Epson R1900?


My 10+ years old R1900 still prints excellent photos, but I am getting sick and tired of the print head always getting clogged. The clogging problem has been there always to some extent, but lately it has gotten beyond what's acceptable.

Where it used to be a problem after perhaps a month without printing, it's now a problem after just a few days. Each cleaning cycle consumes a lot of ink and sometimes I need 5 or 6 cycles to clean the head. I honestly think I use more ink for cleaning than for printing!

So I guess it's time to buy a new printer. But which should I choose?

Here are some notes and questions which can hopefully help some of you to help me choosing the right printer.

  1. I have been satisfied with R1900 except for the clogging problem. So the quality should match R1900.
  2. The price should be up to about 600 USD (but less is of course fine if the quality matches R1900)
  3. Is the clogging thing still a issue nowadays? If possible, I would prefer a printer without this problem!
  4. I have a lot of Epson paper so I'm inclined towards Epson. But it's not mandatory. Btw, can I use Epson paper in other printers and still get nice printouts?
  5. I am in doubt regarding the A3 format. I haven't used it nearly as much as I originally thought, but when I did use it (it's years ago btw!) I have been happy for it.
  6. WiFi is nice but not a big thing as I am going to use it with my desktop PC.

I am looking very much forward to get some suggestions!



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