555 in Spain..... later octuber... earlier November

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Re: 555 in Spain..... later octuber... earlier November

Ernesto Cardenas wrote:

In a review
at: http://www.marksdigitalcameras.com/pentax_optio_555.html you
can see this:" Noise reduction function
For longer exposures, the Optio555 automatically activates a
function for reduced interference. "

This a NEW feature in the 555 or is only marketing since the 550
already has it (or is it?).

Sorry, Ernesto, this is another instance of re-marketing something that almost all cameras with longer time exposures already have, including the Optio 550. It's a feature called Dark Frame Subraction that is used for time exposures above 1 second where one image is taken as usual and one is taken without opening the shutter, then the second is subtracted from the first to remove hot pixel.

It has little to do with the high ISO noise which isn't hot pixel noise, but related to the variability of the output of the sensor. This is not to say that the Optio 555 does not have a lower high ISO noise specification, just we don't know for sure yet (although we keep hoping), and Pentax isn't saying.

Regards, GordonBGood

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