sony 35mm 2.8 what justifies the price?

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Re: Nothing justify such price for a 2.8

Hank Radt wrote:

cpugourou wrote:

Nothing justify it anymore.

Manufacturers always have milk cows.

This lens is one of them.

All those that paid it will say it s justified.

There are so many better options out there now instead of this old lens.

Same story for the 24-70 f4 and now the 24-104 f4 or even better with the tamron 28-75 2.8

The tamron is a 2.8 zoom and perform better than this 35mm prime.

Why bother !

Again, economics 101.

We all have votes in the marketplace, which we exercise with our decisions to buy or not. I choose not to buy the 55/1.8 nor the Batis 25, not because they are not great lenses, but because neither of these offer the marginal value to me of the current price (in other words, I have decided that other things are more valuable to me than the price I would pay for these).

'Milk cows' are only valuable if someone wants to buy the milk. If there are too many of them and they produce too much milk, supply exceeds demand and the price drops. Competing products, as listed through this thread, have the potential to reduce demand and, if successful, reduce the price. This is the way the market works. And the way we want it to work. Only in rare cases - monopolies (where a competitor cannot for a variety of reasons offer a competing product, way to much to get into here...) - can a producer charge above market prices, which is why we have anti-trust laws. This is not the case here.

So, yes, you are absolutely correct that anyone who paid whatever price for that lens (or any other) has, by definition, justified the price. And for you, it is not worth the bother.

Buy, don't buy - either decision is justified.

But judging another's choice without knowing their circumstances is not.

I dont judge. Sony marketing is so great !

Look at the samyang. I mean, ok not so good weather sealing but much modern technology  than the zony.

You just buy the zeiss name for this one and it s plain unjutified. They released it at the very beginning and at this time yes, you were buying it at a high price because there were nothing else available.

But sony never change prices along the road despite competion so nowday, yes, it s just a milk cow for them.

A lens that mightcost 50 bucks to build and sold this high.... come on.

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