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Re: D760 vs D750 vs. D810

TAM63 wrote:

Nicolai Denmark wrote:

Hi all,

I suddenly feel the itch for an FX body as I want better ISO performance than what my D7200 DX is capable of.

The ISO handling is the main reason and of course the added recorded resolution on an FX sensor compared to a DX will also be more than welcome.

Now, I know there's "no such thing (yet?) as a D760, so read it as the "the next gen D750.

The 850 is way out of my price range, so for me the choice is between 750/60 or D810 currently.

Can I fine tune zoom lenses at both the long and short end in Camera on either of these boddies? I can't with the D7200 and it bugs me.


What also bugs me is that neither my D7200 or the D750 has a dedicated "AF-ON" button. The AE/AEL button must be assigned for this.

I use the AE/AEL button once in a while. Not a big deal imo

That said, when I only shoot manual and RAW is there any benefit of AE / AEL button with regards to correct exposing of a subject (against bright sun light for instance)?

I really like the "Group" AF points on the D750 for action and sports. Something, I believe, the D810 does not have? And the D750 is sensitive to minus 3 EV vs the D810 minus 2?

D810 has Group AF

D750 is probably a bit better AF in low light. I use the center point on the D810 most of the time, and it has done fine for me. But the D850 is way better.

So, I guess the auto focus is better on the D750. I also prefer the dual SD slots instead of SD / CF as my D7200 is dual SD and I don't have a CF card reader.

CF card is faster, better for action shots imo. You can get a reader very inexpensively.

What I do like about the D810 is that I tend to crop heavily and the extra MPs would be great here, although I certanly realize that praticing composition is what makes one a better photographer. But for wildlife the extra cropping would be great.

D750 would be a big step backwards in reach compared to your D7200. D810 a little less reach.

Also, the base 64 ISO would be great (gives more detail, right)? But does the 810 handle high ISO equally good to the D750? The extra MPs would perhaps pick up more noise, however, it may be finer than the noise of the D750?

High ISO D750 is probably a bit better. But imo, not enough to offset the other advantages of the D810.

Also, the more pro build of the D810 is a plus.

But here comes the big one:

In Denmark, the D750 with the 24-120 F4 is currently available at € 2,333 new where as I can't seem to find the D810 sold with the 24-120. The price for the D810 body alone is € 2,524 but than I lack the 24-120 F4 and can only use my 50 1.8G as a general lens.

Currently I have these FX Lenses:

50 1.8G

Tamron SP 70-300 VC (which I don't use)

Sigma 150-600 C for wildlife.

I'd really like the 24-120 F4 as a general lens but buying it new and seperately in Denmark, it's € 1,000!

I intended to buy a longer, fast prime or zoom for candids and portraits of my son later. Perhaps the 70-200 F4, the Tamron 70-200 G2 or the Sigma Macro 105 OS HSM.

Or should I wait and hope for a D760 with more MPs, AF-ON button and better build?

Wieght is an issiue as my mobility is reducred (ballance and walking).

Consider any used gear? At least here, 24-120 can often be acquired quite inexpensively used, or people who got it as part of a kit and res

All the things the 750 excels at are trivial according to you and the areas the 7200 allegedly wins are hugely important.

If dynamic range and “wow” image capability are important - choose the full frame.  It’s quite an easy decision and if reach is your achilles heel, get a longer lens.

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