6D plus second body, or hope for dreamy FF mirrorless?

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6D plus second body, or hope for dreamy FF mirrorless?

When I bought my 6D I thought the idea of having multiple cameras was a stupid waste of money. But now that I’ve got a telephoto and some experience shooting birds, I’m realizing that maybe I should be looking to add a crop sensor Canon to my bag. I’ve been imagining how great a FF mirrorless Canon might be, but I’m preparing myself for disappointment.

So right now I’m considering two options, the 7D mark II and the M50. It’s helpful to know what it’s my bag already, you can check out my gear list in my profile. It’s also helpful to know what I like to shoot, better to look than read. Note that I have good access to bald eagles and I hope to greatly improve on what I’ve gotten so far.

Most of my kid photos are protected, so you’ll have to imagine those. Those are mostly portraits, but some are from dance competitions (of which I have many years left to attend).

So with all that aside, here is why I’m considering these two cameras as a companion to my 6D, which would mean I’d be keeping my 6D for several more years before upgrading that one.

7D mark II (used price ~$850)
This should be obvious. I have the 100-400ii, pair that with the 7D2 and maybe get the 1.4 tc and there’s not much more I can do without getting into exotic glass. (note that I intend to get both the 1.4 and 2.0 tcs, so that’s not part of the calculation). The biggest downside to this camera is that it would pretty much become a permanent attachment to my 100-400. It’s basically the same size as the 6D (actually a tiny bit bigger) so there would be no reason to use the 7D2 as a small camera option.

M50 (new ~$630, hard to find used)
This offers 10 fps like the 7D2, and the DPAF sounds like it would work well with the 100-400ii. The big advantage here is that I would have a small camera option at my disposal. I might even spring for one M mount lens for it.

This purchase isn’t imminent, I will at least wait to see what Canon does with FF mirrorless. But I have a hard time believing they will release something competitive to the A7iii, at which point I’d probably fall back on this option of buying a crop sensor second body and wait for the 6D3.

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