Am I about to make a mistake? (warning, 6DII content)

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Am I about to make a mistake? (warning, 6DII content)

Am I about to make a mistake?

a long post, but I live in the wilds of Africa and there is nobody I can ask other than the internet.  So here goes.

I desire a 2nd body. I shoot with a 1DMKIV and have found it a fantastic camera and I will be keeping it. The balance of speed, reach (with the 1.3x crop) and low light/higher ISO ability is to me all a really great package. But a second body is desired for low light work, landscapes, astro landscapes, people. In fact pretty much anything. Also to get full use (i.e. wider) with my 24-105 and Sigma 20mm F1.4 and Samyang 14mm. The 1DIV will most likely remain semi permanently on my 100-400II but the body I am contemplating must AF well enough for wildlife to get some use on my 120-300 F2.8 and the 100-400II. For this very reason (AF on these lenses) I am not really willing to contemplate Sony with an adapter. Also with my better half having my old 7D it makes a lot of sense to stay in the canon ecosystem in terms of lenses, batteries etc. At one point last year I was thinking about selling the 1D and going 5DIV for everything, but certain things (2nd body being No1) eventually made me change my mind.

Like so many others I was eagerly awaiting the 6DII and initially a bit underwhelmed with reviews. The DR debacle was my main concern with 1080p allegedly not being that great also being a bit of an off put. No 4K and no 2nd card slot was a non-issue for me. DPAF and swivel screen was a serious attraction. But after hours on youtube and reading text reviews I felt that GBP 2000 was just too much for a ‘flawed’ camera. But then prices started to drop and I looked more carefully at the camera. DXO’s review was 'fairly' upbeat about the camera and the upgrades and sensor performance and colour. Lots of people were suddenly singing its praises for one man video production/vlog type stuff and video that I saw (well made ones anyway) looked pretty good to me. Certainly good enough for my uses. I downloaded a bunch of raw files and liked what I saw. Now DR is important to me, but have I ever really thought “the one thing holding me back with the 1DIV is dynamic range”. No. I haven’t. Size and weight, ISO, crop factor, video have all been things that have at times frustrated me, but DR not really. Sure I push shadows quite often in my processing, but to moderate levels. I certainly never run out of slider space in lightroom!

Looking at a shot from the other evening at sunset (and no flash with me) I was going to +56 with the shadow slider and even then for me that is quite a lot. Going wild with lifting shadows I find often a bit HDR/cartoonish. Here is the photo I am describing:

So my thinking is that if the 1DIVs DR is okay for me then the 6DII should be. The low light/high ISO boost should make me happy. I really can’t wait to see what this camera can do with my Sigma 20mm lens. Exciting! Some of the tech in the 6DII looks like it can really help me in day to day use. The swivel screen in particular. The DPAF for live view and video looks to be quite a game changer - remember my DSLR is almost 10 years old. My expectations might be lower than others. No headphone jack I can work around as I have a zoom audio recorder anyway if I really need to up my game with audio in video.

I think I have done fairly serious analysis of my needs and expectations and what the camera can do. I am interested in it as a day to day tool and know my own needs well enough to ignore the scaremongering (how else to describe it) of those saying that that a rebel will produce better images. This body is available in the UK (grey import) for around 1000 pounds. If I buy it before the end of the month then visiting family will have it to me on the 1st of August. At the price that it is now available at it starts to look like seriously good value. I am actually very glad that I held off a year ago when I wanted to go full frame and almost got a 5DIV.  Keeping the crop 1D for wildlife and adding a 2nd body really makes more sense.

I am not interested in waiting for any mirrorless announcements and I am not interested in adapting my glass via a sony. I have a limited m4/3 kit anyway for light weight travel stuff. But increasingly the low light limitations of that system make me realise it (for me and at this point in time) it is not for me.

So why am I posting? Well I would be interested in hearing from others that have made similar analysis and gone from quite old body technology to the 6DII. I would be interested to hear any legitimate warnings not to press that ‘buy button’ in the next week or so. It is a lot of money for me.  I know it will come but I am not really interested in feedback from people telling me that the 80D has better DR at base iso. I am sure it does. I am not sure it will affect me taking pictures with a 6DII. In short: am I about to make a mistake?

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