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Re: From Olympus to Sony...

MEDISN wrote:

James Stirling wrote:

I have no need for an 85mm No lenses are weather sealed they are weather resistant and if you read the small print gotcha in the manuals . This applies to every company

Sony UK seems convinced it has and I quote

""dust and moisture resistant design""

Mine didn't even have a rubber gasket around the mount. The Batis does. Olympus rates their weather resistant bodies IPX1. Their lenses are "dustproof, splash proof, freeze proof" vs "dust and moisture resistant" lol

Olympus does not warranty any camera body against water intrusion, it's clearly spelled out on their website.

you know that already, lol

Perhaps Sony implemented a hydrophilic battery to eek out more shots/charge?

why would they want to do that?

Just like shooting FF, when you need it, you need it right? Another way to look it is the 40-150 R is a super value

this lens? I think more like you get what you pay for.

it has enough astigmatism to kill a horse, lol

So priorities vary. How good is the IQ of a camera that sits home or is beyond budget?

if you want low-budget, you'd be better off with a 1" sensor camera, it's much closer to m4/3 in performance, than ff is, plus it's a lot cheaper, and it's smaller and lighter.

and you did repeatedly cry about size, right?

I don't get this need to try and compare a tiny m4/3 sensor to ff? size matters do a relevant comparison, with a comparable sensor.

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