Sigma 150-600 Sport - Some Thoughts (Images)

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Re: Sigma 150-600 Sport - Some Thoughts (Images)

mensch plus kamera wrote:

Great shots, thanks for sharing.

Do you conclude that finetuning is a must?

I have 4 Sigma lens and IMO, fine tuning is a must. That's not saying that Sigma lenses have poorer QC and thus they need correction. I'm saying that the Dock is a powerful tool and if you want to extract the best your lens has to offer, you should FT it. But FT is tedious, if you want to do it well. And that means tripod, mirror up, remote, setting up square to your targets, and doing it at the 4 different distances. Once you learn how to do it, you open yourself up to all Sigmas and Tamrons.

I'm asking because so far I've shied away from it. Shots lacking sharpness are more likely due to my lack of practice and skill, rather than due to the lens.



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While I know long lenses require a different skill set, you still need a lens that can AF accurately to begin with. If you find yourself with a fuzzy shot, what do you blame? If you think it's your technique, when it reality your lens front focuses at distance, you're gonna chase your tail trying to breathe properly and brace your elbows and still end up with soft shots. OTOH, if your lens is accurate "on the bench" then you can focus (no pun intended) on technique.

Once I realized that my Sigma 35 Art's had close/far errors, I knew I had to commit to learning AF-FT. Once I realized that my Nikons were not immune, I wished Nikon would make a dock too.

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