Have you tried Sigma's calibration service?

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Re: Have you tried Sigma's calibration service?

ArtAlt wrote:

I'm considering paying Sigma's $100 fee to get my 24-105mm calibrated in their shop to my D750. Have any of you tried this service? Did you get results that you are happy with?

For the adjustment like this all you need is a dock. $60.

Small lens like yours can be done in like 30 minutes because it is so small. Larger lenses like 150-600mm sport or 120-300mm sport takes a little longer.

I made my own target.

Basically it is a 2x4 with 2 cheap aluminum rulers butted at 0. Then I use a 4.5 x4.5 piece of plywood with 90 degrees bracket and attached it 45 degrees on the side. I made my own print in Photoshop and glued it on. Rulers  I bought from Harbor Tools and the rest from Home Depot. Took maybe 30 minutes to put together but I am very handy wit the tools.

This contraption can be put anywhere. Against the wall, tree on the chair etc.. so the vertical print is perpendicular to the ground and at the same height as the camera. The good news is that ruler is 48 inches long so even those lenses with the greater DOF can be adjusted.

Now as far as sending to Sigma I did send my 150-600mm with my camera because the optics were bad. They replaced the optics and adjusted to my camera. They don't use dock at all but the optical bench. Then the lens and the camera came back first two distances were perfect but the third and infinity were not. Since replacing of the internals was done under warranty I did not have to pay anything. But I had to send it back (they paid for the shipping label) for other adjustments. I did not even even send the camera the second time around. They have their own D810 so I told them to MFA my lens to their camera first and then adjust the other focal lengths on the lens. It worked.

But I did check all of the focal lengths after the lens came back and it took maybe 30 minutes. All values in software right now are at Zero and camera is at Zero.

I also, adjusted lenses like Sigma 20mm, 35mm 120-300mm Sport. Tamron 24-70mm and 70-200mm G2s. Well worth doing it at home.

Adjusting for Infinity is tough though. At Infinity DOF is huge so my target does not cover it. I did find the roof of the house with AC unit in the middle of it so I used that as my target. It is not at infinity but far enough to act like one.

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