A77ii or A7iii? A77iii back up plan

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A77ii or A7iii? A77iii back up plan

Although many reading the title may say the anwser is obvious. I am looking to upgrade my A55 and while I plan to wait until the end of the year to see if the A77iii comes out. I am not sure what my back up plan should be, A77ii or A7iii?

My current gear
Sony 18-55 3.5-5.6 (kit lens) don't really use this anymore
Sigma - 17-70 F2.8-4.0 DC Macro HSM C
Minolta 50mm f/1.7
Minolta 70-210 (beercan)
Minolta 70-300

I am a hobbyist photographer. I mainly shoot portiats, sports (mainly basketball in poorly lite gyms) and macro (with extension tubes). I got my A55 in 2011 and although it has treated me well I think it's time for an upgrade. My hit rate when shooting basketball is pretty poor. I sit at the baseline alot so most of the time players are running towards me. I end up just using a fexable spot and lose focus and although 6 fps has been great I know there is better out there. I usually end up shooting with my 50mm at around f/2 iso 800-1600, since I am fighting low light. At 1600 IQ clearly is not clean and at 3200 it really isn't useable.

For other uses I am still pretty happy with the camera other then the miss focus here or there.

Although I am looking to upgrade I purchased the a55 knowing I could use Minolta glass and have yet to break $1000 in total with all my gear. I just want to put into perspective that buying a ton of new glass is just not in the cards for me.

Upgrade wants
• Better auto focus
• Improved iso sensitivity
• Increase fps
• Camera I won't have to upgrade for another 7 years

I have set a budget for $2000 and here is what I see as options

1. A77ii
• I can use my amount lenses without issue
• Price-- Although it is still $1200 new I have seen it used many times on adorama for $600-650 in excellent condition. So maybe put another $1000 into some glass but not sure what I want/ need? Or just save money
• 12 fps
• Good autofocus, will be able to use all autofocus options. Lock on auto focus looks attractive.


• DxoMark has good iso rated at iso 1013, only a little better then the iso 816 of the A55. So even if I continue to use the 50mm F/1.7 I still may not get good IQ?
• A-mount may not last much longer? And may want to upgrade?

2. A7iii with le-ae3 adaper
• 10 fps
• Full Frame
• Iso sensitivity rated at 3730 so I can maybe get away with using my sigma in aps-c mode. Or maybe buy the Sony FE 50mm F/1.8 for $250 for basketball use
• Mirrorless is the future and I should be happy with this body for a long time

• Will lose some autofocus options with adapter
• Price, $2000 but I can be patient and wait for a deal or some open box returns after the holidays.
• Will need the Le-ae4 adapter to use Minolta lenses and autofocus focus points and options get reduced

Sony SLT-A55
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