Printing software alternatives to Photoshop

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Timur Born
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Printing software alternatives to Photoshop


I asked something similar in the past, but maybe something new came up in the meantime.

My main use for Photoshop is to enlarge images of large maps for table-top gaming and then divide the map into DIN A4 sized parts. To do that the following steps are necessary:

- Measure the size of the underlying map grid in inches via Marquee tool.

- Enlarge the whole map/image to make the grid boxes width and height fit 1 inch.

- Set my Epson 3880's driver to borderless printing using the "Retain size" option. This will result in the driver reporting a larger than A4 paper size to Photoshop. This step is crucial!

- Set Photoshop's print dialog option "Print Selected Area" to crop the printed area to A4 on the driver-enlarged paper size. This step is also crucial!

- Use Photoshop's print dialog to manually chose the portion of the map that I want to print to A4. PS allows to do this via simple click + dragging the mouse. Again, this step is crucial!

Which printing software allows me to perform at least the crucial steps? Windows preferred.

Thanks in advance!

PS: Photoshop's own "Print Selected Area" function is bugged for ages already, making me switch between portrait and landscape to fix glitches and rotate the whole image to switch print orientation. But it's not a show-stopper as long as no other software offers me anything similar in function anyway.

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