sony 35mm 2.8 what justifies the price?

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Re: sony 35mm 2.8 what justifies the price?

Aaron@Utah wrote:

I am looking for a good fast 35mm prime for low light situations on full frame body I want something smaller and frankly cheaper than the 35mm 1.4 even though I am suer its a fantastic lens its huge and expensive

looking at the options I find the 35mm 1.8 but that is an E lens not FE

the other option is the FE 35mm 2.8 but for the life of me I can't figure out why this lens has the price tag it has I mean its a 2.8 not even a f2 or 1.8 so is there something special about this lens that justifies the price

I have the nice rokinon 35mm f:1.5 cinema lens but it is huge and is manual focus only I already own the FE 28mm f2 and E 24mm 1.8 which is nice on the 6500 getting me close to the 35mm perspective on a cropped body

but I would still like to get a full frame 35mm what lens have you guys used that you have been impressed with

my budget for this lens would be $500 or under and at least f2 or faster and full frame.. it will be used on a7II so image stabilization is not an issue either

The optical quality is pretty outstanding, and even on the A7ii, the focus is fast. I sold mine to fund the Sig 35 ART FE, and ended up sending the Sig back because I simply wasn’t happy with the performance. Now I have the Roky 35 1.4.  At some point I’ll pick up the Samy 35 2.8. Actually today I have the Voigtlander 50 3.5 Heliar (new version) arriving from B&H, which is supposed to be one of the sharpest lenses out there right now. I love my fast glass, but when did it become the general paradigm that a “slow” lens simply isn’t worth our time or money?

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