So many fond memories

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Ilia Snopchenko
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So many fond memories

Oddly enough, I bought this camera just as I switched to the editor's work and away from day-to-day journalism. Therefore I used it mainly for travelling as well as the odd shooting in town - even including some sports. So I can say I have tested it in a variety of conditions and usage scenarios, from desert landscapes to bigshot tennis tournaments - and it weathered everything until I decided that I need a camera capable of better high ISO performance (as well as higher ISO available in the first place). Cue the 1D Mark IV review I posted a few days ago.

But these 4,5 years with this camera were the ones I remember fondly. After a couple of years with the 30D (I hated that unit with a passion and couldn't wait to get rid of it) I finally found a machine that I couldn't pin the blame on for getting a bad shot. The AF accuracy, the overall responsiveness and consistency were on another level entirely. Where, given the same lens, the 30D (and, say, the 5D Mark II) could and would hesitate, rack focus back and forth and ultimately net you a misfocused shot, this beast just went "whoosh - beep - click", and you get a keeper. Call me a masochist but I even did dig the two-button interface inherited from the film 1s.

Hong Kong, Cuba, Xinjiang, Tenerife, Far East, Kazakhstan, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia... this camera has seen and documented all of it (and I made quite a few large prints for an exhibition once). While it may be gone now, I still keep the shots and remember the body that made them with good feelings.

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