why are Sony FE lens so expensive ?

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Re: why are Sony FE lens so expensive ?

Marc Heijligers wrote:

DiffractionLtd wrote:

DXO mark is hilarious. They take a middlin' quality lens from a 16mp camera, slap it on a 40mp camera and pronounce it "great." How can anyone take them seriously?

They measure, and they are clear about what they measure. If that reveals that a cheap lens is sharp, the one that denies the results is the one that should not be taken seriously. They don't make any assertions about subjective rendering of a lens, and why should they? E.g. some people adore the Zeiss bokeh, others hate it.

I see their measurements as true, valuable, and as a necessary condition to evaluate a lens, but not as the full picture to judge whether a lens appeals to me. Ignoring their input is what would be hilarious to me.

Lenses don't magically change their correction level because they are on a different sensor. A lens is corrected to a specific optical quality, period.  There is no changing it unless you want to regrind the glass.

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