G7x Mark II - Best Settings

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Re: G7x Mark II - Best Settings

PGH423 wrote:

Ysarex wrote:

abcabc wrote:

Yes I would very much like to hear from g7x II owners, what AWB setting you decided on, what Noise reduction you decided on?

And are you using this camera on RAW mode or bother bother to switch back and forth?

Since it seems the OP has gone, happy to answer your question.

I'm a fairly new G7x ii user and I'm overall very happy with the camera -- better than I expected.

I only save raw files and only will save raw files and so JPEG settings like NR are meaningless for me and I ignore them.

WB I set during processing by shooting a target in the field. That gives me the option then to have the camera WB set to unity which I do in order to better utilize the camera's live histogram as an exposure aid. So I set the WB once when I got the camera and will never change it again.

I think most people would find the way I use the camera quite eccentric but for me it's all about getting the best possible raw file every time.

What do you mean you shoot a target in the field to set the white balance?

When I finish taking the photos I want in a given light I just take a final quick shot of a WB target for reference. Then during processing I read the target and transfer those temp and tint values to the photos I select to process.

White Styrofoam is spectrally neutral and makes an excellent target. I just cut out convenient size pieces from the bottom of food trays and put them in my camera case/bag or jacket pockets.

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