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KeepCalm wrote:

PGH423 wrote:

There isn't really one setting that works best for photography. It depends on what you're trying to do. If you're just shooting in auto mode and not post-processing the images, I think you'll be disappointed with the G7X II compared to a modern cell phone.

Only if you are happy to see everything at a 28mm equivalent field of view for most of them and light is good and pay a premium price.

The Fuji FX70 is the only real camera equivalent to a cell phone and I certainly would not want all the distortion from such a wide angle in any portrait shots and yet not be able to get the advantages of a 24mm field of view. Of course if you crop down you can get the field of view and eliminate distortion but is a crop of what is possibly a 1/2.3" sensor going to match a full sensor 1" image telephoto view because these cell phone sensors are that good. You are talking about very low levels of light with a cell phone crop.

These vague cell phones are better than dedicated camera posts are all very well but at the heart of them it is a prime against zoom scenario and of course no control when you want it but just auto only unless you want to struggle with screen only and no controls or dials. Even the G9X has backup dial and button press to help out which I would miss greatly.

The first part of the sentence was: "If you're just shooting in auto mode and not post-processing the images." If that part applies, there's a high chance the person doesn't understand how to utilize the advantages of the Canon and will probably be happy with a cropped cell phone image too. The nature of the OP's question made me wonder if they'll be back here after buying a G7 X II and write something like, "It's so much worse than my Galaxy S8!" just because they don't understand how to use it.

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