why are Sony FE lens so expensive ?

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Re: why are Sony FE lens so expensive ?

sportyaccordy wrote:

Paul Barnard wrote:

Quality expectation of a $1 apple compared to a $1.50 apple elicits exactly the same sentiments as the comparison of a $1000 lens to a $1500 lens. Perhaps you have never had the opportunity to see people rummaging through the cheap apples in a super market looking for the good ones vs the more affluent picking up the preselected pack of ‘expensive’ apples.

You can bet the person who bought those $1.50 apples would also be shouting from the roof tops when they get a maggot in their first bite. Perhaps they should have bought the $2 apples where the QA was also looking for maggots as well as bruises ...

The principle is identical, be it apples or any other item.

No the quality expectations don't change with a $0.50 increase in apples. It's not a matter of percentage, it's a matter of dollars. And again, the process to check and reject an apple is pretty much nonexistent compared to that of checking and rejecting a lens. Aside from there being QC processes for both there are no similarities.

I'll give it one last try.   Think of it in percentage terms.  A 50% increase in price.

I'm guessing you just don't want to hear an alternative perspective...

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