why are Sony FE lens so expensive ?

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Re: why are Sony FE lens so expensive ?

sportyaccordy wrote:

Paul Barnard wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

Paul Barnard wrote:

This is exactly the same as you do at the super market when you select an apple from a pile of apples on display.

No, it's nothing like that. Apples aren't hand assembled from identical components. Apples don't require anywhere near the kind of rigorous testing or inspection to be deemed saleable. Apples don't cost hundreds of dollars.

And even if they were the same.... if apples from vendor A had consistently worse/variable quality than apples from vendor B, we'd say vendor A had a quality problem. How's that any different with lenses? One shouldn't have to test multiple copies of a $1500 lens to get a good one.... that kind of QC and testing should be included in the price!

It’s exactly the same.

Your assumption seems to be that for the price the product should be perfect. That’s an assumption your free to make but does that mean Lieca lenses are better than perfect? There will be variation and testing is done to a specification with tolerances. The tolerance is set based on the analysis of an acceptable return rate. Yes they know not all lens will be acceptable to all users. Some people will not be as demanding, in fact the majority will not be as demanding, or indeed even know that the lens could be better.

As I said I see this as simply another facet of the same ‘expensive’ question. Is the perceived value of the lens greater than or equal to the cost of the lens. People will measure that in different ways. To make an argument that a vendor has a quality problem is certainly based on that value perception. How many threads do you see about the great value of Samyang? That also needs to be ballenced by the similar number of threads about how many have to be sampled to get a good one.

This is all very personal perceptions and there isn’t a single answer. For some Sony is expensive, for others good value. For others it’s less tangible factors which sway their opinions the good news in all this is that with Sony we have the choice of using other brands, even lens for other mounts together with a growing number of dedicated lens.

$1 apples = $1500 lenses? Lol.

It's hardly a personal perception or subjective. Some of Sony's lenses have a range of variations/tolerances well outside the norm for similar lenses. Yes Samyang has has quality problems. A lot of them are tied to their autofocus sytems, which they just started making ~2 years ago. 3rd party companies are also held to a different standard than 1st party companies... and even if they aren't, Sony has leveraged the lens design and manufacturing prowess of Zeiss and Minolta, and still has all these QC issues. It's a black eye on the FE system.

Quality expectation of a $1 apple compared to a $1.50 apple elicits exactly the same sentiments as the comparison of a $1000 lens to a $1500 lens. Perhaps you have never had the opportunity to see people rummaging through the cheap apples in a super market looking for the good ones vs the more affluent picking up the preselected pack of ‘expensive’ apples.

You can bet the person who bought those $1.50 apples would also be shouting from the roof tops when they get a maggot in their first bite.  Perhaps they should have bought the $2 apples where the QA was also looking for maggots as well as bruises ...

The principle is identical, be it apples or any other item.

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