Got an RX100 (1), Now What

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Re: Got an RX100 (1), Now What

Well it arrived today (was slated to arrive Mon, hurrah!) and I've been playing around it.

First impressions:

(1) I had an LX3 for a very short bit earlier this year, during a time I wasn't yet ready to splurge on an RX100. This model is easily as small as that, while far more potent. Loving it.

(2) Yes, setting LCD to "Sunny Weather" (Wrench 1) really helped a lot with outdoor visibility. My only concern was if that could lead me to misjudging exposures in normal lighting, guess I need to brush up on how to interpret histograms {link }. But, so set, I can see outside really well--still not as well as if I had an EVF of course, but so much better than I thought would be the case.

(3) It shoots practically silent. I love that.

(4) Yes you can bring up the electronic level overlayed onto the live image. Right on, just what I need for landscapes.

(5) Control layout (Gear 2):

(a) Remapped right (flash) to ISO

(b) left (drive) initially I assigned that to memories, thinking this would be a quick way to RECALL a certain page of memories. It isn't, this is for SETTING them. It would be far more handy if you could set this to RECALL a certain page of memories vs having to do so in the menus.

(c) center--AF/MF, I wish I could remap it to something more useful like Steadyshot Off/On

(d) Fn--WB, Drive, Image Size, DR, Flash, Exposure Comp, AF Area

(e) Control Ring is f-stop (I shoot in Aperture-Priority), tried exposure compensation, zoom & ISO first, settled on f-stop

Overall, I'm liking it and am pleased. I'm probably being anal-retentive, but THE thing I've change if I could is having SteadyShot (Camera, 4) be a setting which I could hot-key to one of the customizable buttons. Memories (Camera, 5) are a decent work-around, well they COULD be if they also didn't require a trip to the menu to recall and you could assign memory recall to a button (as I mentioned in B).

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