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FuhTeng wrote:

Blasphemy maybe in the Nikon lens forum, but I use . . . 150-600 G2 for wildlife.

It is a bloody-nigh perfect lens for wildlife at this point.  
This spring i traded my 80-400G for one and am quite happy:  at 400mm this lens is at its best while the nikon is at its worst; AF noticeably faster; VR as good or better, and center field is quite good at 600mm.   Yes, the lack of 80mm is an issue in some situations (that is what my much lighter 70-210f4 is for) and a third stop slower.
No matter; this is a go-to lens for wildlife at half the price.  i am told that the Sigma is comparable; i do not know.  But these lenses with either a DX sensor or, like me, using the crop sensor mode on d810 or d850 is the bees knees.   In the latter case you can even see the wildlife outside the frame.
Why anyone but a professional would lug a fixed focal length massive supertele to the back country is beyond me.   i guess they are a bit better, but really?

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