why are Sony FE lens so expensive ?

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Re: why are Sony FE lens so expensive ?

James Stirling wrote:

apocalypso wrote:

I appreciate the discussion so far on the near necessity to QA lenses. This is a new concept to me (I'm jumping back into the high end of photography after a decades long absence) - that it's commonplace apparently for folks who want "what they should be able to expect out of an expensive lens" to take 1, 2 or more tries before they get it? I understand that there can be the odd "defective" lens, but this situation has really taken me by surprise at these price points.

And this wasn't aimed at Sony alone, I only frequent this forum because I'm a new A73 owner and the subject of Sony lenses worth the price made me think about the "decentering issue" I read about so often, FYI.

I think there are a combination of factors going on with this. One people have unrealistic objectives and flawed testing methods giving unreliable results. The ability to look at images at 100% + on monitors exaggerates the appearance of any potential issues. As we shoot ever higher MP cameras any imperfections become more obvious .

This article from Roger Cicala over at lens rentals who knows a thing or two about lens testing explains the situation very well


Of course faulty lenses do exist , but I suspect in much much smaller numbers than many imagine.

Anecdotal evidence of course, but in almost 35 years of buying lenses, the only new lens I bought which was decentered (or similar) and had to be returned was a Sony (my first copy of the 24-105).

That's 100% of the new Sony lenses I've bought (well, 50% if you count the replacement, which was fine).

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