Fuji GF670 vs. GW670/680/690

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Re: Fuji GF670 vs. GW670/680/690

Rich42 wrote:

absquatulate wrote:

wuzup wrote:

"There isn't much that can go wrong with these cameras and if looked after they will last a lifetime and beyond."

We will all miss those low tech days when we relied on springsto keep our cameras working.

Low tech means low complexity, I have fully working mint condition cameras that are 60 years old, good luck getting beyond even 10 years with a digital camera.

My Fujifilm S2 Pro, a Nikon D100 body with Fujifilm sensor and electronics works today as well as when I bought it in 2003. I don't have any need for it as my D800E far exceeds its capabilities. But it is still going very strong.

Some cameras will survive, but batteries will die and become unobtainable, my cameras don't have any electronic parts, they don't take thousands of shots, they'll probably still be working after I'm gone.

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