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Re: Is the upgrade to PhotoLab from OpticsPro worthwhile?

phil from seattle wrote:

Albert Valentino wrote:

phil from seattle wrote:

A related question. I have DxO OpticsPro 11 Elite as my main RAW processor. It's excellent at that. Prime NR is amazingly good and I use it a fair amount. It makes M43 high ISO shots work. Lots of other features including custom profiles. On the whole, it was an excellent value buy for me. I don't do that much local stuff though would if the tools were easy to use. I've tried to use On1 but found it falling short on a fair number of fronts, the worst being actually delivering on the promises. What a huge waste of time.

So, is the upgrade to PhotoLab worthwhile? It's $90 USD but the money isn't the issue. I just don't want to waste a lot of time coming up to speed on some that that is just another mediocre local effects app.

i wouldn’t call it a mediocre local effects app. It is like Nik Viveza on your raw file, similar to what Nikon had in thier software years ago before they destroyed it. That feature alone was worth the upgrade to me since I can do it all, more or less, without going to another software.

After reading a number of comments, I sprung for the upgrade. Spent a late night playing with it.

First impressions - it's definitely usable and the integration with "global" effects is worthwhile. But man is it slower than OpticsPro. Especially opening a directory with >1K raws in it. OP is way faster. Basically, walk away and get a cup of coffee or some such.

The repair tool seems pretty good on the handful of photos I tried it on. I like the way they do graduated filter and was using it fairly effectively within a hour or so.

Still a fair amount to learn and haven't found much in the way of tutorials. The link to "New features in DxO PhotoLab" video is broken. (you can find it in youtube) I wish the audio was better in their tutorial videos.

I upgraded when it came out but have not put the time into mastering the program. My computer is not so fast siincs it is about 8 years old. A 2010 15” MBP with a 2.4 dual core, but I did upgrade it to an SSD and 8gb ram. A 21” iMac might replace it within a year 😃

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