Tenba Cooper Slim 13 vs Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13

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Re: Tenba Cooper Slim 13 vs Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13

Hey there, I finally regained control of my "real" DPReview account, instead of User xyz...

I ended up ordering the Tenba Cooper 13 DSLR, as I figured that it has significantly more interior space without much of a growth outside. It arrived today, and I have mixed feelings.

I prefer the canvas of my old Matin Balade Bag 300, which is pretty rough. I think the water proofing coating just feels a bit odd to me. Also, with the camera insert it's pretty stiff. The Everyday Messenger Bag would be even stiffer though.

I wear my bag to the left of me, and the zippers seem designed for people carrying it on the right. To open, I have to reach to the back, far away, and then try to pull it towards the front. It's much nicer to pull it from the front to the back... with my old bag, the main compartment has two zippers. Chose which direction you prefer... Not sure why they couldn't do it with a bag that costs 3 to 4 times as much.

The side pockets are really nice, though I wouldn't mind if they were a bit bigger. Then again they are still a big improvement over the Peak Design, although the recently launched V2 of the bag seems to have improved a bit. The side pockets are bigger.

The two big front compartments feel nice and are spacious, but why can't they be closed? Ideally they'd have used weak magnets (we don't want to damage hard drives, which are predestined to go in there) or something similar (like a stiff material that snaps back into position... think some soft cases for glasses from a while back?). One of these compartments feature pen holders made from that super lush leather. Not sure why... but I'm not complaining.

I can't find any place for SD cards. Like, Tenba could have sown into the interior 5 to 10 small pockets that fit one SD card each. Maybe with some slightly elastic material. That would be super useful.

And now comes the kicker:

I can only find 2 big dividers that are full height, but say the top third is folding, and can be velcro'd into a different position, say at a 90 degree angle. There are also 3 smaller dividers, about 2/3rd the height of the bag. All dividers have velcro on both sides, meaning I can't make it so that only one side attaches and the other can be lifted up... and this is a bit of a deal breaker. Since I have one lens that is 14 cm with MFT adapter attached (2/3rd of the bag height), 2 that are 6 cm, 1 that is 3 cm and 1 that is 8 cm, plus a DSLR body and a MFT body, I need compartments, compartments, compartments. That I can stack on top of each other. I figured out a way that seems to work, but if I add more lenses I will have to stack them on top of each other without protection between them. Not that I'm too fuzzy about this, I used to throw all my gear into one bag with no separators between them. What does work on the big separators is sticking the velcro to the separator itself. Then I can just have a part of it fold away. Unfortunately that doesn't work with the smaller ones, where it'd make more sense. Plus it'd be nice if they had supplied another step down in terms of size, plus a few more options perhaps. It's not a cheap bag.

There's one more thing: The strap. Not a big fan of the cushioning. I think it is too stiff and to... round and thick? The way it is designed it doesn't spread out the weight as much as with my old bag. There it is thicker on the outside, thinner on the inside, and quite wide. Seems to spread out the weight better. Not using the cushioning thing might be my favorite way to wear the bag, but I'll have to try it properly.

I'd also like to have space on top of my camera gear for stuff such as an umbrella etc., but that's not going to work here as I packed it. It would with the Everyday Messenger... was also thinking of adding the Peak Design Everyday Field Pouch to carry my accessories, and occasionally act as camera bag if I only want to bring my MFT + a lens or two. Not sure I can fit it though...

I'm not 100% convinced. Plenty of things I like, but also things I think are less than ideal. To be fair I'd probably think the same with the PD EM...

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