Focal Reducers / Speed Boosters for Fuji X as of June, 2018?

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Re: Zhongyi Turbo II M42-FX Specific Problems Anyone?

Sjak wrote:

The M42-standard is obsolete,

What do you mean by "obsolete"?

First of all, millions of legacy M42 lenses are around and are still in use, and they have M42 standard "hardcoded" in hardware Also, the life is more diverse than just photography, there is plenty of optical equipment with M42 lens mounts still in use in the industries. Until the last M42 lens will be physically destroyed, standard is not obsolete, from thetechnical point of view.

From the business point of view, if some entrepreneur decides to start manufacturing and sales of some new M42 equipment, he will be neither interested in your permission nor your opinion. It is his business and his money, after all. So M42 standard is not obsolete because this entrepreneur will advertise his product as "M42 equipment compatible" to the public and to potential customers. This is exactly what Zhong Yui did. Again M42 standard is not obsolete, isn't it?

Do you agree, that if someone advertises his product as "M42" but the product itself does not correctly implement the standard's basic requirement, this is misleading at the very least?

and many focal reducers probably will not have the almost 1cm clearance, simply due to the physical size of the optical elements involved.

No problem, but please inform your (potential) customers, that your product does not fully comply with the M42 standard, it has some deficiencies and/or limitations, so its compliance with the standard should be clearly labeled as "partial". Respect your customer, keep him informed and don't fool him, that simple.

I consider it a "service" that companies are making adapters so we can use many of the old M42 lenses.

"Service" is a different concept. They are offering us some good, which are either standard or sub-standard. From the sub-standard part, some are tolerably sub-standard and usable for their intended purpose, and some are not.

Another example of a standard is the LTM and later the LM-mount;

Would you mind reminding me of the day, when did Leica have first time published their proprietary lens mount standard to the public, please?

Yes, they were selling their intellectual property rights and proprietary documentation to third parties for money, under NDAs, but did they ever published their standard as available to anyone who have a wish to manufacture compatible optics or cameras?

even some modern Leica camera's will not mount a few older lenses, or will mount them but metering will not work. This is specified in the manual of the involved camera's. If even a company that is so aware of its optical heritage cannot make everything work, what can we (reasonably) expect from some lower-priced, non-official efforts

Leica informs their customers about known compatibility problems. With M42 goods, manufacturers can do pretty much tha same. What is the difference, after all?

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