Is there a verdict on 18-135 vs 18-105 ?

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Depends on you

Amamba wrote:

Have seen a few posts but the latest is about 3 months old and still a bit iffy.

Currently, despite having a drawer full of lenses, I am basically traveling with just 1650 and 18105. One for light duty (I actually find it to be much better than it's reputation) and 18105 when I know I'll spend the day taking photos. And I do take a fair share of low light photos.

That said, it's a beast. If 18135 has at least the same center IQ at f5.6 combined with better OSS (as it's claimed), I could probably give up the wider aperture for a more compact size (I don't really need the additional reach).

Both lenses ar  good at their intended purpose. In terms of overall sharpness all around, the 18-135 seems to have an edge. But for me, that is marginal. This is why I am keeping my 18-105. I need that f4 continuously, and I need a good lens for video. Of course, some don't do video that much or care for that much, so they should really swing for the 18-135  If somebody asks me which one he/she should buy, I'd give them the pros and cons of each, but most likely, I'd sway them to the 18-135.

I think if you need really good low light, it has to start at f2.8. But there's hardly any choice for aps-C E lenses there, except for primes which are f1.8 (35 and 50mm come to mind). You can go 3rd party like Sigma's lenses to fill those gaps. But I would not necessarily call f4.0 good for low light. You do have to crank up the ISO to get it work well. But you already know the trade off if you do that high enough (eg. iso 6400 and up) with aps-c cameras. Except for my tamron 28-75 f2.8 RXD, I know that if I want low light, I have to go to primes for that. Of course, I do lose the zoom capability, except if I use the ClearImage zoom which is pretty good and handy.

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