New Panny Leica 50-200 Soft @ 200mm :(

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Re: Defective lens, return.

You can see a very slight degradation with the TC, but you have to look hard for it. If you showed me two photos, one with and one without it, I would have to look closely to tell you which was which, and I'm not sure I could always do it. It's possible I could hardly ever do it.

If you showed me an image and asked me if it had the TC on it or not, I would not be able to tell you. There are too many differences from location, time of day, lighting and such, image to image to know. That said, for practical purposes, there is no degradation from the TC to the final image.

I bet you can say the same thing for a comparison between the 50-200 and the 40-150 PRO which is why I think its silly to think one is significantly better than the other.

I tried really hard to make a definitive choice between IQ of the OLY 50-200 and the 40-150PRO cropped to the same framing and couldn't do it. In the end I felt like the 40-150PRO is sharper. It managed difficult light better and had less barrel distortion I could see if I photographed a building two miles away. It managed harsh light better.

I use the PRO because its lighter and focus is fast. If I had the Panasonic 50-200 I might use that instead because it's lighter than the 40-150PRO, assuming other things I can't test, since I don't have one, are equal. The biggest advantages for me are reach, size, and weight.

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