New Panny Leica 50-200 Soft @ 200mm :(

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Re: Defective lens, return.

I don't believe the test measurements, and I have a use for f/2.8 below 300mm. I do like the additional range of the Panny with the 1.4 and 2XTC. But it loses too much light with the TC's for early morning and evening light I often find myself in when I'm shooting something that needs a 1/500 shutter speed. Same thing with shooting in rain and gloom I often do since I live in Seattle. ISO goes too high losing detail. Above 3200/6400 fun, but I don't keep them. Cropping a lower ISO image turns out better in my experience. I prefer cropping an image shot at lower ISO.

I can be happy with either lens, I just don't believe the 50-200 "destroys" the 40-150. I enjoyed the OLY 50-200. The 40-150PRO is better, not sharper enough to matter. I don't think it is, but it doesn't control some things like chromatic aberration as well so in the end the cropped 40-150PRO images were colder but better except when the 50-200 made beautiful bokeh, and the 40-150PRO bokeh of similar images was UGLY.

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