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Re: DXO-labs Bankruptcy situation?

spike29 wrote:

Martin JC wrote:

Chizuka wrote:

i hope this is an appropriate question to ask.

I would like to purchase DXO Photolab Elite and I am wondering what a good sale would be. I have tried it for 30 days and I am impressed with the Noise Reduction, for one.

Right now, it is 25% off. Is that as good a sale price as I can get?

Also, given the company’s financial problems, Should I refrain from buying it ?

thank you all for your advice.

How has the bankruptcy stuff being sorted out? Is this a long-term company?


I think it a method for cleaning the skeletons out of the clouset. Getting the balance of money flow in the black so to speak.

They scrapped dxo one (smartphone click-on lens) and did focus on how to get the plugin for adobe more in there own area. It isn't a bad or mediocre raw proccesing program so it should be have supporters and people who wants to pay for there product. So even when this fall down as a company there work will be used by others.

And its a own your program not a you can use it for 10/mnd so that is also good to know.

I 100% think the own-your-own software is good! I migrated away from LR rental. I have an LR5 copy -- and use it occasionally.

And there is the problem. I've used DXO pro in the past. Its great. The way it deals with noise is spectacular. There is a thread somewhere in the m43 forum about it turning m43 into APSC images..... I like it a lot.... But........

It takes them ages to add a camera, e.g. the Ricoh GRII. I had this camera and could do no raw processing whatsoever as it was not recognized by DXO pro software for over a year after the GR-II came out.

If DXO fold as a company then you are stuck with using DXO for the cameras its supports up to that point and then thats that. And as computers update their OS software there is no guarantee at all that the software will play nicely with it. In fact that has happened to my copy of LR5. It happily crashes every now and again with new Mac OS. But thats life, I guess..... You pays your money and you take your chances.....

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