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Re: Telephoto for macro

A Wingnut wrote:

^^^Good stuff!!

So I was playing with the lens today. Without Ext tubes, the subjects are a bit small. I overestimated this len’s ability to do macro straight out of the box. I lost a great deal of focal length with the ext tubes though! Granted, this dragonfly was very small, maybe 2 inches, but I think it turned out good. These were simply a test shot in the back yard. Don’t judge the editing please, it was fast. XD The difference is subtle, but when I went to crop, I noticed a much bigger difference in how small the subject looked.

No ext tubes 200mm at f2.8

56mm ext tubes 200 at f2.8


nice work yourself, and good to see you're getting down to business already.  Enjoy!

all the best,


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