Great, great camera !!

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Re: Great, great camera !!


I just picked up this camera a few weeks ago and am so far loving it too. It is an 'upgrade' from my E-PL3 which I never really loved although took some great pics with it on holiday the year I bought.

I have been really impressed by the electronic viewfinder on the E-M10 II. I had the VF-3 on the E-PL3 but this is far, far superior. Because of the viewfinder I ended up using my DSLR more.  However I am finding my DSLR (currently Nikon D5500) quite heavy so decided to get the E-PL3 back out and have a play then decided to get a newer version.  However the E-PL9 has no option for an electronic VF so I started looking at the O-MD range.
Also finding it much easier to use out of auto mode and pleased to have the wi-fi capabilities.

As I had bought the E-PL3 with the twin kit lens (14-42 and 40-150mm) I picked up the E-M10 II body only. There was an amazing deal on Amazon Prime (UK) when I was looking and I got for £299 - now up to £349 I think - but the current Olympus promotion of £65 cashback means I've paid £234 which seems a bargain.
Normally I go all out and get the newest version but the amazing deal was worth losing out on 4K capability which if I really wanted I can get from my iPhone X or GoPro.  Only 'compromise' for me was on aesthetics as I could only get this great price in black and I would have preferred the silver version since my m-zuiko lens are silver.  However I have ordered the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake lens today

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