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Re: Zhongyi Turbo II M42-FX Specific Problems Anyone?

Sjak wrote:

I also encountered this with some M42-lenses, such as Meyer Optik Görlits 29mm and 35mm lenses, and even a few 50mm. Of course none were so extreme as some wide RF-lenses, but there are SLR-lenses with some rear-element protrusion.

This definitely means The Huge Blunder on the side of SHENYANG ZHONGYI OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. because

1) there is a very definite and precious standard for M42x1 lens mount for SLR cameras, which exists since 1958 and it is by no means proprietary, its text and drawings are available for the public for years, hundreds millions of cameras and lenses were sold worldwide,

2) yes, the standard does not directly specify the maximum allowed depth of lens-into-camera protrusion, but there was already enough time to collect some statistics, for me it took 1 min to google one good sample list of dangerous lenses, and I am sure there are more of these around,

so I don't see even the slightest excuse for the manufacturer of precise (and not cheap) optical equipment exposing their customers to the risk of damaging their costly and often unique optics (both adapter and especially lenses).

I am confident that even a clear warning that "not all M42 lenses are equal with regard to the depth of their rear element" would be sufficient. They just need to make the geometry of the adapter to match the most common depth limit of the film SLR era, point.

No risk, no fun

I'd prefer to have the fun of different nature

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