70-200 VR2 with 2.0TC III combo - how is sharpness

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Re: 70-200 VR2 with 2.0TC III combo - how is sharpness

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Thanks. A used 70-200VR2 + TC will run me about $1400. 200-500 will run me $1200. However, 70-200VR2 is obviously more useful than 200-500 for everyday stuff and I wanted to avoid carrying a 2.5 kilo lens if I could get away with it, and still get sharp results.

The 200-500 is 2,090g without the tripod collar. The 70-200 VR2 is 1,540g, and the TC-20 is 330g, for a total combined weight of 1,870g, only 200g less than the 200-500 (which provides you with an additional 100mm of reach, which for birding could be important).

Might as well compare like with like - the 70-200mm f/2.8G VR II Nikkor comes in at 1,460g without its tripod foot. With the TC added, the combination is 300g less than the 200-500mm

If you care about IQ, go with the 200-500. If you care about money at the expense of IQ, buy the TC. There's not much in it regarding weight difference between the two.

Good on you for finding out how much the 70-200's tripod food weighs. You get a gold star for the day!

Thank you.

I couldn't find it in the 90 seconds of research I did while writing my post...

It took no time at all - weights of Nikkor lenses (with and without tripod collar/foot where appropriate) are available on this very useful website

...so I'm glad you took the time to find it, letting the OP know about the extra 100g savings.

I'm glad too

At the end of the day, the answer is still the same: If you care about IQ, get the telephoto zoom. If you care about money and are OK with degraded IQ, get the TC (but then why buy a $1,000+ telephoto lens and $400 teleconverter just to get marginal IQ in the first place?).

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