70-200 VR2 with 2.0TC III combo - how is sharpness

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Re: 70-200 VR2 with 2.0TC III combo - how is sharpness

ijm5012 wrote:

Absolutic wrote:

Thanks. A used 70-200VR2 + TC will run me about $1400. 200-500 will run me $1200. However, 70-200VR2 is obviously more useful than 200-500 for everyday stuff and I wanted to avoid carrying a 2.5 kilo lens if I could get away with it, and still get sharp results.

The 200-500 is 2,090g without the tripod collar. The 70-200 VR2 is 1,540g, and the TC-20 is 330g, for a total combined weight of 1,870g, only 200g less than the 200-500 (which provides you with an additional 100mm of reach, which for birding could be important).

Might as well compare like with like - the 70-200mm f/2.8G VR II Nikkor comes in at 1,460g without its tripod foot.  With the TC added, the combination is 300g less than the 200-500mm

If you care about IQ, go with the 200-500. If you care about money at the expense of IQ, buy the TC. There's not much in it regarding weight difference between the two.

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