DXO PhotoLab Elite - to buy or not to buy

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Re: DXO PhotoLab Elite - I say buy

Geekapoo wrote:

After dropping LR like a bad habit (not interested in the subscription service), I spent a few weeks trying various software (free trials). Decided to go with DxO and love it. For me, switching to DxO was a great decision.

I'm not even remotely convinced that the company will stop selling the software, but even if they do I have it for use with current cameras. I also occasionally use LR version for older cameras/files.

Price-wise, Photolab Elite is routinely onsale for $149 (vs $199). I've not seen it go lower. Viewpoint (which I have and like) and Filmpack are frequently on sale for $60.

that is the sale price right now. For me though I have to add 30 % because of the Cdn dollar! Thanks for your 2 cents!

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