DXO PhotoLab Elite - to buy or not to buy

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Re: DXO PhotoLab Elite - to buy or not to buy

Martin Muehlemann wrote:

Chizuka wrote:

i hope this is an appropriate question to ask.

I would like to purchase DXO Photolab Elite and I am wondering what a good sale would be. I have tried it for 30 days and I am impressed with the Noise Reduction, for one.

Right now, it is 25% off. Is that as good a sale price as I can get?

Also, given the company’s financial problems, Should I refrain from buying it ?

thank you all for your advice.


I started with this software in 2011 or earlier. Don't recall it exactly. I always loved the way it developed RAW in the past but I stopped using it as there was no way of keeping the settings you had for future use. Due to this I became a LR user, more than DXO. With the new release you can develop and store the settings, just like in LR. You can browse through the catalog, just like in LR.

Two things keeping me back from fully switching towards DXO again

Panorama stitching
Interoperability with Photoshop to create colorkeys, as one example.

In LR i click open in PS, do my color key and send it back to LR. Thats a easy two click job for the operation. Not for CK, of course.

And panorama is a oneclick. LR does this wonderful. My Canon stitching tool is nothing compared to this.

I contacted the DXO for these two things. There are no planes for bringing these features. Besides this, I still need PS. I have no saver.

And last. It took me ages to create my LR dev profiles. To build all of them from scratch is not this easy. Specially the wedding ones.

Difficult to think on leaving LR



Thank you Martin for your useful opinion and thoughts.

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