Nikon D500, D850, Sigma 150-600C and a LOT of bad images!

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Re: Nikon D500, D850, Sigma 150-600C and a LOT of bad images!

dperez wrote:

One of the earlier replies sent me to Brad Hill at Natural Art Images. I've read both tests he did with the lenses in the longer tele- zoom class. I believe I can safely say that at the distances he tested and with the methods he used, which aren't too awfully different than what I was doing, his results are DRASTICALLY different. It appears he did NO AF adjustments in either the camera OR the Sigma dock. Shot 'em straight out of the box.

He, like me, found using stabilization on a tripod did not degrade images (I suspect this is an artifact from the early stabilized lenses of 10-years-ago that did have problems sometimes on a tripod). He also did his testing at .5*1/focal length (500mm = 1/250) on a stationary subject, FAR slower than the shutter speeds I've been trying to get, and so on.

He also tested hand-held and found minimum shutter speeds where his continuous images were consistently sharp on a stationary subject.

SO, as time allows, I'm going to replicate to the extent possible, what he did, and see how my results compare using BOTH the D500 and D850 bodies. If what I get is significantly poorer than his testing indicated, the lens will go back to Sigma to see if they can correct it.

No, not at all. IS negative impact on IQ gets worse at higher shutter speeds. Also isnt it any different in todays systems when it comes to tripod use. The reason is due to the way IS works. And this is still the very same with todays lenses in this price range. I know of only few Nikkor lenses which hava a system incorporated that 'senses' if there is a tripod in use and automatically disables IS or changes at least the way it works.

And regarding other people with lenses that did work right out of the box, this doesnt mean anything at all as all lenses are completely different. Some have luck, some dont.

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