Not much response in the Astral forum

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Not much response in the Astral forum

I put this post in the astral forum but I haven't received much response. Maybe not many people shoot astro. Maybe astro shooters are not interested in forums. I have no idea, but I do have questions and need assistance.

Apologies for cross posting but sometimes it is the only way, so here goes with a direct copy.....

I am completely new to astro.

Current equipment



Rok 12/2

Zeiss 24/1.8

Zeiss FE 55/1.8

Zeiss FE 2470/4

Sony 70200/4G

+ 2 aps-c kit zooms 1855 and 1650

I think the choice of the Rok 12/2 on the A6500 is good but I'm also wondering about the 24/1.8. From the reading I've done it is more important about physical measurement of the aperture in mm than the actual F stop. Theoretically the 24/1.8 should gather more total light than the 12/2 for this reason. Am I correct in this thinking? I'm planning to shoot astral with landscape foreground not deep sky. Is the focal length of the 24 (35mm equiv) too long for what I'm doing?

With regards to the FF. The widest that I have is the 2470/4 zoom. Similar question to previous. Should I use the zoom or bring in the 55/1.8? I'm worried the 55 will be too long. I've done enough reading to know that I want some personal opinions from people actually doing this as many things I've read are a little conflicting. And just to throw another monkey wrench into the gears, I have a number of legacy lenses from my Contax/Yashica days. One of these is and old Tokina 17/3.5. I haven't really used it on the A7Rii because I doubt it will be sharp enough for 42mp. Should I put this lens on the list of choices as well or is it just plain too old? It gave decent performance with a speed booster on my NEX7 but was retired when I got the Rok 12/2 for aps-c.

I suppose I could buy another lens but I'd rather wait until next year as I've already updated enough gear this year already.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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