Focal Reducers / Speed Boosters for Fuji X as of June, 2018?

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Re: Focal Reducers / Speed Boosters for Fuji X as of June, 2018?

Stesinou wrote:

tribpc wrote:

Hi Stesinou,

I have some comparison photos of difference between Voigtlander 58 1.4 with and without Zhongyi Lens Turbo (all shots were taken with maximum aperture 1.4).

Great, thank you, this is very interesting! If my screen and my eyes do not betray me, I have an impression that at the "Vinnie" pair of shots, FRSB actually increased the sharpness (and maybe contrast, too) noticeably in the center of the frame, where the focus is? (which coincidences with the promised/theoretical MTF improvement).

It's not actually 1 stop advantage but around 1/2 to 2/3 stops.

Agh Ok, the full "theoretical" 1 stop would be too good to be true in the real world you get some losses in the lenses anyway...

In teddy bear shots, the focus is at the shirt of the bear. In the next comparison, the focus is at the front of the subject (tried focus peaking with the best red highlight as it could). The DOF 1.4 is too thin so It's hard to get nail focus when FRSB attached but the stop advantage helps me a lot in low light shot. I think FRSB is only great with normal to tele range. The wide to ultra wide range shows some weaknesses of FRSB in border and extreme but I'm not really sure.

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