Was thinking of selling/swapping my a99 II for a7R II

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Re: DPR review comment a99 II for a7R II

I had the camera set for "flexible spot" focusing for an air show a coupla weeks ago. It basically worked ok for finding planes in the sky. I should have tried the "single spot", which is normally what I use while using my Canon cameras, even at the air shows.

Onto this weekend with the new Sigma lens (noted in the above posts). Still "flexible spot" focusing. Bad decision here. At the distance from me to the cars on track, the cars were too small for that method. It was difficult to see the focus points in the view finder, especially when you are concentrating on the moving subject, rather than the "stuff" in the periphery of the viewfinder. About half the shots, the camera grabbed the background, rather than the car I "wanted" to be in focus. But with the sun shining on the screen, I could not tell how things were coming out. Not till I got home did I see how nicely the background was in focus, and the subject...wasn't.  The cars that WERE in focus, looked very good.  Back to the single "spot" focus adjustment, that I'm more used to with my Canon's and Nikon.

With all that said, and thanks to the huge pixel count of the a99 II, I was able to crop the (in focus) subject cars to look good and have nicely detailed photographs. I was pleasantly surprised at the detail the lens brought in with the stationary subjects. When blown up to 100%, like being up close and seeing the subject with your eyes, no (VERY little) fuzzy/blurred areas. Nice clean, sharp edges on the small picture details, at least near the center 3/4's of the frame. I'm not normally nearly as critical with the detail with the outer areas of most of my pictures. Now I just wish the lens had a longer reach...maybe 24-135mm. I'll still be using my Canon 5D IV with the 35-350 L combination for the big national event races..! One lens at a time. I don't carry around a bunch of cameras, lenses etc., to be playing with during my outings. One camera, one lens, and hope I grabbed the right "kit" (as the British say).

Note that if Sony had a similar (near my Canon 35-350L) lens, the a99 II would be my primary camera. I took my 50-500/a99 II to the aforementioned air show a short while back. Big/heavy... It wouldn't be so bad if it were just a touch shorter, and provide just a touch better detailed pictures.


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