PixPro AZ901 wildlife on overcast days

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Re: PixPro AZ901 wildlife on overcast days

romei wrote:

I'm still struggling with this. I want this camera to take nice pictures every day, not just on sunny days. While my pictures on overcast days are getting better, they are still not up to snuff. The best pictures I can take on low light days are in A mode. I've placed the switch on the lens in smart mode to use the smart ring on the lens. I set the the ISO to auto and then then I zoom to whatever I have to zoom to, I grab the lens and twist it to the left to get the smallest f stop number that I can get at that length, which also gives me the fastest shutter speed. That seems to give me the best pictures under these conditions. Does anyone know of a way to set the aperture to the lowest setting possible at whatever focal length you might zoom to without having to do it manually every time you alter the zoom? Or better yet, does anyone have any better technique that I've found for this?

I should also mention that I'm still using spot focus and spot metering. Perhaps I could try a broader metering setting??? I didn't think of that until just now.

Today was dark and raining on and off all day. Here are some sample images.

Romei, I don't see you struggling with any of your photos..they look great. Regarding A mode focus, shutter, and ISO, I can't help as I've shot in various settings, but generally my go to mode is Program. I'm now playing around in the various Scene modes and so far they seem effective. I've been a Spot focus shooter for most of my images, but have been using area focus more and more. On cloudy days, Vivid is my standard color choice, especially on cloudy days for the extra pop and subject standout. I just ordered a Marumi ND filter and a polarizer since I often shoot water. I had a polarizer on my Canon SX50, but had some trouble with the Auto focus in certain light and low contrast scenes so hoping the AZ901 handles the focus ok.

Looking forward to more of your photos.

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