Focal Reducers / Speed Boosters for Fuji X as of June, 2018?

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Re: A few thoughts...

nnowak wrote:

1. Whatever focal reducer you purchase, I would highly recommend getting it in Canon EOS EF mount instead of m42. Then, add an inexpensive m42 to EF adapter to your lens.

Thank you for the suggestion. I evaluated this approach, too. But finally, I decided on M42 FRSB due to following reasons:

  1. If I ever wanted to use Canon EF lenses again, I would buy Canon camera body, not Fuji all lenses I want to adapt, all are exclusively M42(and later maybe 1 or 2 with Nikon F full manual mount, and maybe 1 or 2 Minolta MD... depends on what will attract me at the flea market someday in the future). I was using Canon for about 10+ years before so thank you, I want to try some different optical and visual approaches
  2. I hate stacking multiple adapters one onto another...

you could also adapt Nikon F, Pentax K, Olympus OM, or Contax C/Y to fit the EOS EF based focal reducer. None of those lenses can be adapted to m42 though.

Yes, I already did that with my Canons years ago. Right now I don't have any plans for going that far, my current intentions are limited to M42 optics. I think I can buy the second FRSB device later if I want. Or maybe two, F-FX for Nikkors and EOS-FX for everything else, and limit M42-FX FRSB to M42 lenses. I hate wasting time with building complex combinations "lens + adapter + FRSB" on the fly. Ideally, you need each lens to have its own single dedicated adapter which is never detached from the lens. Otherwise changing the lenses is a PITA.

2. I can highly recommend the ZhongYi Lens Turbo II. Optical quality is very good and it rivaled the Metabones adapters that I owned.

Thank you! This is great to know!

3. One other focal reducer you may want to consider is the Kipon Baveyes 0.7X AF adapter for Canon EF to Fuji X. This adapter is more expensive (about $400), but it is supposed to give you full AF with adapted Canon lenses. You could still use it to adapt your m42 lens, or pick up some very inexpensive Canon EF lenses to try out.

Very interesting information! I will take this into my consideration. So you mean, that Kipon Baveyes 0.7X AF supplies the lens with power and AF commands from the camera, and the lens uses it's AF motors and works in "native AF" mode then? This sounds unbelievable... but gives some interesting opportunities to whoever is looking for these.


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