New X-H1 owner here. Please help me undertsand the Fuji IBIS

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New X-H1 owner here. Please help me undertsand the Fuji IBIS

I have just upgraded to X-H1 from X-T2. I like the camera in general so far but I do have questions about the IS modes.

I searched online and the forums here about the topic. I found that some people attested that shakes could be induced if IS modes werer not selected properly. So please help me understand Fuji's IS modes behavior. (I do understand the the differences between the two IS modes stated in the menu.)

I "tested" the IS with 90/2 wide open indoors. The camera is on singlel auto-focus. I used Aperture Priority, ISO 200 and SS went down to 26, IS mode was on 1 and 2. No difference. Both modes produced sharp images. When IS was off, image was blurry as expected.

Then I tested the IS with 90/2 wide open ( Apreture Priority) inddors again. But this time I bumped up the ISO to 3200. IS set at mode 1 and mode 2, SS went up to 420. Images were sharp in both modes. However mode 1 ( continuous) showed very tiny little more contrast.

I did a control shot with IS off with same parameters( f/2, SIO3200 and SS 420) and I found image sharpness was still very acceptable (That was expected due to high SS), but it showed a very tiny little less sharp comparing to those images with IS modes on.

Then I tested the IS with 90/2 wide open inddors in Aprepture Priority again. But this time I bumped up the ISO to 6400 and IS set at mode 1 and mode 2, SS went up to 800. Images were still very sharp in both modes. A control shot with IS mode off also showed sharp image with same contrast as the IS modes were engaged.

I am not expert and I don't know how to test the IS modes professioanlly. I only cab test/try the camera/IS modes the way I intend to use them.

With what I saw from my trials, I am not sure if the claim about that shake would be induced by IBIS (especially if modes are not selected correctly) in some of those videos on youtube and the forums have good merit.

One importatn note... If I half-pressed the shutter and hold it too long (for framing/compostion or whatever reasons) ), before I full-pressed when IS mode 2 was used, the image usually were less sharp, or even blurry sometimes. I did not remember this happened to he Canon OIS or the Olympus M4/3 IBIS or the Minolta DSLR IBIS i used before.

Also worth to mention, I got sharp images when SS slowed down to 1/10 (ISO at L100). The IBIS is quite effective indeed. Other parameters were stayed the same as above. IS mode was in 1 ( continuous)

Here's how I used the Fuji IBIS with S-AF, and pretty much I got sharp image almost every time during the indoor test shooting: I set it in mode 1 ( continuous). I half pressed the shutter once ( not holdling it) when I composed so I would have in-fcous stablized EVF images for composition. I lifted my finger from the shutter button once the image is focus for compisiton. After compostion was done, I half-pressed to gain focus again. Once foused was achieved, I quicky counted " one-thousand-one" and then fullly pressed the shutter. Images were sharp most of the time if not every time.

For AF-C mode I have not tested yet. I look forward to find out more later when I use the C mode outdoor and actinons etc, and hopefully I will be able to share my findings.

Now I tend to suspect the so-called IBIS induced shake could be actually user error. But again, I am no expert just a casual user. And without understand how other oeopel use their camera, I really can't conclude that's atcaully user error. But I just did not experience the same IS problem other people had.

So X-H1 forumers, I would like how you use the IS modes ( in AF-S and AF-C) and what did you find? Are there any suspicious shakes you saw on your images? If so in what scenario, what are the settings and they way you opearte? What are your takes on this topic?

Thanks for sharing!

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