Any perceptible performance difference between these two processors?

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Re: Any perceptible performance difference between these two processors?

bmoag wrote:

There are actual studies about user perceived differences in computer speed. The last I remember seeing compared Sandy Bridge to Skylake era machines.

The results did not favor investing in new hardware.

CPU tests focus on micro-second differences. That is not the world in which humans exist unless those micro-seconds add up to units of time humans perceive during extended periods of unattended CPU intensive processing tasks, like rendering a large video file.

Gaming is not relevant as that is a GPU bound task.

There are bottlenecks in a computer system that damp the perception of CPU throughput. We tend to ignore that the biggest bottleneck in a computer system is the human being sitting in front of the monitor. No matter how fast the machine is one can only read and type or make aesthetic decisions in PS/LR at a fixed maximum speed.

It is unlikely in the extreme that there will be perceptible differences for what it appears you will doing on either machine but their could be the nagging thought that the i7 would be faster even if it is not, which is the difference that will matter most in the end.

That's a load of nonsense. Sure, a lot of games are GPU limited, but a lot of newer games use a lot of CPU resources. A big title like Battlefield 1 names the i5-6600K in the list of minimum system requirements.

There is a reason gamers are now trading in Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge hardware for Coffee Lake; to do away with the CPU bottleneck in newer games.

Either way a -U CPU is not for gaming.

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