Looking alternative software for Adobe After Effects 'time remapping' option

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Looking alternative software for Adobe After Effects 'time remapping' option

To convert the sequence of RAW photos into a video by using QuickLeaps technique explained :




In the video, it is shown that using After Effects 'Time Remapping' option you can achieve to convert a sequence of RAW Photos to 8K video

So I am looking any Lightweight software to do the same job what is shown in the video.

I also observe on 'petapixel.com' first video is around 3 minute size 80MB format MP4 and it is downscale from 8k to Full HD still showing more than Full HD, so I just want to know that if I create an 8K video and because it will be in big, size what compression codec I should be using to upload on web with less size without losing much detail in Full HD resolution. like the same way 'petapixel.com' have 8K video 3 minute 80 MB size with 1080p.

What are best video compression codec technique and with best video containers for 4K, 5K 8K video to convert in and share online without losing much data?

example :

x265/ H.265 or x254/ H 264 for video codec or something else ?

for container MP4 or XAVC or XAVC-S or AVCHD.mts or AVI or something else ?

for Audio : Dolby Digital, Linear PCM or AAC or something else ?

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