Focal Reducers / Speed Boosters for Fuji X as of June, 2018?

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Re: Focal Reducers / Speed Boosters for Fuji X as of June, 2018?

There's a few things you may wish to consider.

Manual focusing with lenses up to approx. 100mm is pretty easy, but at 300mm (like the Tair) things change drastically: It requires quite some practice to get it right. And on modern camera's with a high megapixel-count (such as our Fuji 16 and 24 MP camera's) the slightest bit of motion blur or mis-focus will become very obvious.

If you want to try out the vintage-experience, I would recommend starting with a cheap lens in a mount you're potentially interested in, and a plain adapter.

As for focal reducers, I have RJ's M42-FX-reducer, it was around 75$, and I think he is also the supplier for Roxsen (but not sure about that)

Another type of adapter that is really useful, in my opinion more useful than a reducer, is a helicoid adapter. I have an M42-FX helicoidal adapter, costs about 50$ or so, and this can turn 1:2 macro-lenses into 1:1 lenses, but also retain the normal focus range when I do not extend the helicoid (and non-macro-lenses also get some macro/close-up functionality)

But I had the impression you considered buying a 100 euro lens from China risky, but a 150 euro optical adapter (which is basically also a lens) from China is not? And how about the goal of the Fuji 56 1.2? If you get into adapted lenses, be warned, it's addictive and may ruin your budget for other goals

More in general, on the adapted lenses forum here, there's more knowledge on the effects of a focal reducer.

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