Should I Take My Big Nikon to Yellowstone/Tetons?

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Should I Take My Big Nikon to Yellowstone/Tetons?

I am primarily a Micro 4/3 shooter, and I am planning a trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in September. It's a big/important trip for me, and I want to get it right. I am planning to take two Olympus OMD bodies and a good selection of lenses to cover everything from ultra-wide angle to long telephoto. There is no doubt that my M4/3 gear will go with me on the trip.

However, I also have a Nikon d750 that I use primarily to shoot things in motion at night. I have 3 primes: -- 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm --- as well as the 24-120mm zoom. The Nikon is a great camera. I am glad I have it, but it is not my everyday shooter.

The Micro 4/3 gear should cover my needs well, but there is this little voice that keeps telling that I ought to take the Nikon, too.

There are a lot of reasons *not* to take the Nikon:

* The focal lengths are covered with m4/3

* I don't need especially shallow DOF.

* I don't print big.

* It weighs 3 pounds (with the 24-120mm).

* I don't want to hike with it.

* I don't have long lenses for wildlife (and I am not going to buy a new lens)

* If I can't shoot wildlife with it, the autofocus/tracking is not that important.

* I am not planning to shoot much at night.

But there are also some good reasons I might want to take the Nikon:

* Higher dynamic range at base ISO.

* A third body. I could see a wildlife situation (from the car or close to the car) where I have the m4/3 300mm with teleconverter on one body, the m4/3 100-300mm on another body, and the Nikon for close range.

* Just because I want to. I have the Nikon, and the trip is a good excuse to give it a workout. This may be the only reason I need.

One more thing. I am not going to buy any new gear before the trip.

So, what do you say? Should I take the big Nikon or not? Are there reasons to take it that I haven't thought of? Am I going to regret leaving it at home?

I welcome your comments and suggestions, but, please, let's don't this to turn into a format war. I am asking a very sincere question.


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