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The D850 looks like my ideal camera but I shoot a lot of fabric which has lots of fine details. What is the best way of mitigating moiré when you shoot apart from stopping down the lens to say f16 or so?

I looked over your website. Are the fabrics you're talking about in the architectural work? If so, a pixel-shift camera (HB, Sony, Pentax, etc) is the way to go, I think. If you're shooting subjects that move, that won't work, unfortunately.

As you hinted, you can mitigate aliasing by adding blur, either through diffraction or camera motion. f/16 isn't enough to eliminate aliasing in a FF sub 50 MP camera with a Bayer CFA, however, and the Airy disk is not the most efficient antialiasing (AA) filter. The birefringent AA filters used in Nikon and other cameras are more efficient. However, most camera manufacturers don't offer such filters on their highest-resolution bodies. Nikon used to, but does not any more.

Hi Jim

sorry no it’s not on my website. These are group photos of kids in school uniform (very fine stripes or checks) so I can’t really share them

the moiré doesn’t appear much on screen, mainly in print.

If you can't see it at 1:1 on screen, and it appears in print, the aliasing is occurring in the resampling for printing.

I can see it at various levels of zoom on screen but I don’t think I have seen it at 100% but I haven’t checked all my files

Try it at 100%. You may be looking in the wrong place for the answer.


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