Focal Reducers / Speed Boosters for Fuji X as of June, 2018?

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Focal Reducers / Speed Boosters for Fuji X as of June, 2018?

Dear fellow photographers,

following someone's suggestion "if your budget is limited, try to look at some vintage lenses adapted", I am now evaluating some options. For example, for shooting sports, I found such neat thing as Tair-3A 300mm 1:4.5 (M42 mount) is available and affordable, with the full kit supplied. Beleive me, it's much cheaper than XF 100-400, so why not to give it a try?

But when I started to look for M42-FX lens adapter, all of a sudden I also discovered the whole brave new world of so-called "focal *_boosters_*". This suggested me an attractive perspective of "removing 1 stop" from Tair-3A monster, and obtain a telephoto prime which is, effectively, the "real" 300 mm (AFAIK, the FRSB "removes" crop effect and compresses the 24x36 frame into APS-C) but approx. f/3.5, that sounds good!

But this goes at the risk of losing sharpness, contrast (bad MTF) and image quality in general if the lens inside the FRSB device is not good enough. Maybe vignetting is possible, too. At the very least, should the lens in FRSB have both its sides multicoated, yeah?

Now, my research on FRSB devices brought me to complete confusion. There a so many and many of them offered, to name a few, the list is structured by brand name so one can acquire some understanding - what are price levels of each brand. And limited to mostly to M42 samples, though most brands offer more than this single option.

So what are my thoughts then?

Zhongyi Lens Turbo Adapters ver II for Fuji X from a well-established manufacturer seems to be the most reasonable option but comes at the price. At least, Tair-3A is cheaper. Overly cheap things like Selens are probably useless. Others are pretty much at the same price tag.

Realistic approach in my case looks like I need to choose one of the "middle-grade" options for approx. €80 but which exact one? Does anyone have some real-world own experiences with middle-level FRSBs and willing to share? I.e. are Amopofo, or Pixco, or Roxsen good enough?

Maybe there are some tests and reviews of FRSBs which I failed to google myself?

Thanks in advance!

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